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Structural Concrete
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Sq. ftg. of formwork/project size: 2 Red iron buildings – 158,949 sf footprint total with 476,532 sf of elevated slab on metal deck total. 2 Long span garages – 70,711 sf footprint total with 260,339 sf of elevated PT slab
Concrete Yardage: 32,294 CY
Pounds of rebar: 4,752,604 lbs
Brief description of work/BCI services provided: BCI performed structural excavation of footings, anchor bolt installation for steel structure, placement of structural footing reinforcing and concrete, slabs on grade reinforcing and concrete, slab on metal deck reinforcing and concrete placement, Garage CIP and shotcrete shearwalls reinforcing and concrete, CIP columns rebar and concrete, elevated long span beam PT deck rebar and concrete placement. BCI owned all excavation, concrete forming, rebar installation, concrete and rebar materials.